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web design victoria bc

Providing efficient, clean design solutions for all your web needs. From the development of the initial navigation interface to content management and product catalogue installations. (e-commerce solutions, shopping cart and secure checkout)

Each website is given a unique treatment and character ensuring increased traffic and continued customer feedback

Web Development Services Include:

- Domain , e-mail and web hosting set up
- Clean concise html files, allowing others to edit with ease
- 100% original graphic design, logo creation and interface
- General image processing
- Digital photography services available
- Custom digital image manipulation
- Navigation interface / custom rollovers
- Misc. script setup, guest books, form mail, forums, i-frames etc.
- Shopping cart system (Pay Pal),  secure payment check out
- Sophisticated css (cascading style sheets) tagging
- Macromedia Flash enhanced websites animation and applications.
- Search engine optimization

NEW - Custom slideshow / gallery that allows my clients to fully maintain their website easily without any help from me past the design stage.


TriStyle Studios believes in fair pricing, please send a  basic inquiry of what kind of work you'd like done and we'll do our best to come up with a figure that satisfies both parties.

Spare yourself from the nightmare other web designers can offer, big promises with no outcome. Large bills with lacking skill. Raised in a household of artists, I was taught good ethics and will treat you like a person, not a dollar bill. Affordable designs for all walks of life.

affordable web design victoria bc