Now that you have a website designed it would be nice to know how to upload files to your server. In this tutorial I hope to better explain the process of uploading files and using an "FTP" program to get the job done.

A simple search in google will yield troves of different FTP uploaders but for the sake of this tutorial we will use one of my favorites,
FileZilla. What make's this program so great is it's free.

1. Download Filezilla and install it on your computer

Filezilla Download Link

After downloading the file, install it and follow the instructions the installer provides. Boot up the program and move onto step 2.

2. Understanding what everything does
Now it may look like there's a lot going on here but it's really quite simple. The program possesses a lot more capabilities then your going to need to know, below is a simple screenshot with an explanation of what everything does.

3. Logging on to your server

1. Click on the file manager at the top left corner of the window. 2. Click new site 3. Fill in your domain name (IE
4. Fill in the correct user name and password provided from you server when you signed up with them
5. Hit connect.

4. Navigating your server
Now assuming you got your username and password right you should be logged on to your server. On most servers you generally come to a screen like this. 99% of the time your website is located in a folder called public html or local www, double click it and enter the bulk of your website's information. (Don't muck around with any of the other folders at the starting location, they control scripts and e-mail functions)

(Note. if your ever having to go back a folder, look for the folder with the ... , it will do the trick)

5. Uploading information
Now this is the easy part, to upload a file to your server navigate your hard drive on the left panel and drag to the right side, the server. Voila a file is uploaded.

If for whatever reason you need a folder created right click the screen and go "create new folder"
if you need to delete a file highlight it and press the delete button on your keyboard.

(Caution: Changing names, moving files will make for broken links on your website. The html on your site looks for specific paths to files, if you change them they may not show up correctly)

This program has a lot more to it then I've explained here in this tutorial but I will leave that up to you to muck around with practice. Just know that trial and error is the best way to learn and if you get really stumped feel free to contact me with your questions.

- Nat Marcano
Web Consultant TriStyle Studios

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