This Tutorial is intended for a variety of my clients who have my "easy update" script implemented onto their website. This script is easy to use and will save you much needed time and money for quick updates requiring little to no knowledge of html. It's basically a very simplistic blog script that automatically archives old information with no effort at all. Although I generally try to explain this in person, let's hope this tutorial helps refresh your memory. ( Note:  This tutorial is intended for people who have already mastered the uploading tutorial )

1. Understanding How The System Works
The script runs off .txt files and automatically converts simple text into html on your website. To keep things simple I generally name the .txt files 001 and upward, this way the system will post the highest number and archive everything underneath.


if there are 5 txt files in the folder, 001.txt, 002.txt, 003.txt, 004.txt and 005.txt the system will post the highest numbered txt file.  (Note. if you don't want to archive old posts just keep editing the 001.txt file)

2. Locating the correct folder and getting the job done
I generally set up the folder with reference to what it is being used for. ( I.e.: news for news, postings for postings, updates etc.)

Log onto your server, enter the public html / WWW and find the folder that corresponds to your easy updater.
( I should have told you which one it is at some point, if you have forgotten please e-mail / call me and I'll help you out ASAP )

Find The Correct Folder

2. Drag the text file from your hard drive to the server ( don't muck around with any of the other files )

3. Site updated


3. Some Tricks...

Want to add a picture? want to make something bold? want to make a link? all possible, all very easy!

The script doesn't understand a lot of html but it has the basics.

<a href="www.thesiteyouwantlinked">THE TEXT YOU WANT SHOWN</a>

<img src="">

<b> the text you want bold.</b>

I hope this tutorial has shed better light on how to get the job done, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

- Nat Marcano
Web Consultant TriStyle Studios

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