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Helpful Promotional Tools
Now a days it isn't enough to just build a site, you have to promote it for it to be successful. The battle to get unique visitors isn't an easy one. The day's of effortless top listings are over, the competition is tough. We all want to show up under Google #1 for our desired key words but it' isn't going to happen without a little hard work and determination. Google uses a variety of algorithms to determine what your ranking and relevance is. Clean code, and keyword density plays a role although Google's strongest demand is relevant link popularity. By exchanging links with relevant sites, and getting listed in popular highly ranked search directories you'll be well on your way to the top. Don't discouraged if it doesn't happen over night, it takes months, sometimes years to getting fully established, but once the ball gets rolling things should look a bit more promising. The following links and companies should make the process easier.

Linkopedia Search Directory
Highly ranked search directory that increases your chances of getting spidered by Google and other mainstream search engines. Get listed in 24 hours for 9.99.

Search Engine Colossus
Comprehensive listing of link directories from all around the world.

The Open Directory
Getting listed in the open directory will significantly raise your chances of getting picked up by the major search engines. A fairly difficult directory to getting added in, make sure you follow their directions precisely if you want any hope of getting added. On the brighter side of things, it's free.
Keep track of where your visitors are coming from, monitor popular pages and see what's most popular. Best of all it's free, and easy to set up.

Excellent Web Hosts and Domain Registrars

After investing money into a website it's time to find a good host and domain registrar. No point in having a site on a server that's unreliable and slow. I've sifted the net for the finest in these services, and these are the companies I trust and use for the majority of my clients.

Host Gator
Although it's name is a bit unusual, don't be fooled Host Gator is an excellent hosting company to be with.  Starting from as low as 6.95 USD for 3500mb of high-speed reliable hosting, you can't go wrong.
Another great hosting company to be with, IPower offers an incredible amount of space for very affordable prices. Better suited for people who intend on using a lot of memory, store video and audio files to your heart's content with plans starting at 5000mb and up.

Hosting by Easy CGI
30 day money back guarantee, packages as cheap as 7.00 USD a month, 99.9% uptime.. Effective hosting solutions.
Reliable, user friendly, and consistent. I've been working with 000domains for over 3 years now with no complaints. Affordable prices and no glitches.

Yahoo Domains
Somewhat more corporate, but the price is right. Yahoo offers domains as low as 1.99 a year. When your projects on a tight budget, this company might be the right choice. 

Money Makers

You don't necessarily have to have a product to make a dollar online, cash in on your visitors with affiliate programs and advertising campaigns.
LinkShare empowers clients with the ability to collaborate with any partner online and develop cost-efficient pay-for-performance campaigns.

Commission Junction
Another excellent company that allows you to connect with potential advertisers.

Google Adsense
Even Google offers an advertising program. They're relatively easy to get accepted and are some of the easier forms of advertising to cash in on.
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